We are dedicated to providing the best web solutions available. If your business needs robust custom web applications, we can build them for you from start to finish or anywhere in between.

Our Solutions

Sandbox Consultants have been developing web sites for over ten years and are experienced PHP/JS/XHTML/CSS/MySQL programmers. Here are a few examples of what we have been busy with over the last ten years:

  • Data exporting options (CSV/Excel/PDF)
  • Reporting interfaces
  • DocuSign integration (electronic signature)
  • XML parsers
  • Google Maps API applications
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Vendor/product management
  • Large scale data collection/scoring
  • Custom ad management
  • Custom CodeIgniter applications
  • Custom APIs (application program interfaces)
  • Scalable frameworks
  • Large scale search (Sphinx)
  • Cost calculators
  • Inventory management
  • Forms (with and without ecommerce)
  • Enterprise level back office and front facing web sites that serve over a million users
  • User/client management
  • Custom polls/reporting

Extend Existing Web Applications

We also have experience extending and debugging existing web applications as well. We perform an initial code review, talk to existing developers – if available – and then start planning out how to provide the best solution to solve the issue at hand. We make sure all code is versioned so we all know exactly what changes were made to the code so debugging is made simpler and quicker.

Contact Us

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