Funeralwise LLC

Go-Live Date: Feb 13, 2017 (Approximate)

Project Overview

Funeralwise helps educate readers about planning funerals, customs, and everything related to funerals.

Front End Description

This site was designed by our design partner and we took the designs, used Bootstrap, and made sure the views looked great on mobile, tablet, and desktop views.

Back End Description

This site is filled with custom logic with using number of custom fields, custom admin options, as well as shortcodes to generate custom content throughout the site.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

Simple is better. The older versions of this theme required the client to use divs/custom classes to style/arrange some of their interior page content as they wanted. We moved that all into shortcodes - so changing the styles in the future happen in one place as well as allow the client to only focus on content and not any pesky HTML.