Natori Inside

Go-Live Date: Sep 14, 2009 (Approximate)

Project Overview

Natori Inside is the blog and product highlight are on the Natori web site.

Services Provided:

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

The client gave came to me with a PDF of the design and I turned that into a WordPress them. The client wanted to make sure the blog part of the site fit in with the other site without the visitors knowing there was a difference. This meant using some non-traditional web fonts so I used TTF Titles (WordPress plugin) that allowed me to turn certain text into images on the fly so that it would look like it was using a custom font.

Back End Description

This site contained some of my standard customizations: featured admin panel and my custom thumbnails/ custom fields plugins.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

It is always fun for me to see the clients see how WordPress can be seamlessly be integrated into existing sites.