Social Software Lab

Go-Live Date: Dec 28, 2006 (Approximate)

Project Overview

Social Software Lab is a site that focuses on the benefits of social media.

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

The user interface for this web site was based on some rough mockups that were provided to me by the web site admin and from those I produced the HTML and CSS. I also chose the color scheme, created the tabs, and pieced everything together.

Back End Description

We implemented WordPress sidebar widgets to allow the user to easily arrange their sidebar content.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

I learned quite a bit about the inner workings of WordPress as well as about making just about everything dynamic (the tabs, drop down menus, sidebars, etc). I also learned about WordPress widgets and implemented them for the dynamic sidebars. (Widgets give the non-technical user an easy way to customize their sidebars.)

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