Sum of the Parts

Go-Live Date: Oct 11, 2006 (Approximate)

Project Overview

The Sum of the Parts highlights music, photos, writing, and photography of the site author.

Services Provided:

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

The user interface for this web site was designed by Magnus himself – he wanted a clean minimal design which works well with the content he plans to put on his web site. He provided mockups of front page and a few other non-standard pages and from that I produced the HTML and CSS.

Back End Description

We used custom page templates to dynamically pull in particular content per the client.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

This was my project working with someone from another country. Overall, working with someone in a far off land is not too much different than working with any other of my remote clients – clear communication and patience are still the main ingredients to a good working relationship. I also learned how to successfully wire money through our banks and through Western Union.