Tamra Davis Cooking Show

Go-Live Date: Apr 09, 2008 (Approximate)

Project Overview

The Tamra Davis Cooking Show site highlights Tamra's cooking shows (videos/recipes).

Front End Description

The client approached me wanting a very simple interface that would allow people to focus on her content. She wanted something that would be dynamic and easy to maintain so all content areas of the site are editable by using the WordPress admin.

Back End Description

The client also wanted an easy way to combine different posts to create a “master” post (the show) so her viewers could see a lot of content without taking up a lot of room on the page. Because of this – I used AJAX to show/hide content with an accordion in the “shows” section. I then created a custom plugin to tie in multiple posts in the “show” section.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

The shows and recipes are great and I look forward to the cookbook!