Search Engine Optimization

Once your business has a web site, you need to think about optimizing your web site for the major search engines in order to gain a strong customer base.

We can help examine your existing code, make recommendations, perform testing, and show you real results.

Web Site Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer competitive web site marketing packages as well as search engine optimization help that will ensure your web site is listed in the major search engines. We can help you get your web site listed at the top of several popular search engines such as,, and

Our SEO Process

We start out by doing an initial review of you site and look at a number of things including:

  • General responsiveness of your site
  • General site content
  • Code (HTML)
  • Meta Information
  • Titles
  • Structured data
  • Keywords you deem important
  • Your competition’s sites
  • Analytical data
  • Sitemap
  • Potential crawl errors

We then create a baseline, set up reporting in Google Analytics, and will create a plan for you that focuses on changes that we (or your developer) can make and how to track progress. We will also work with you and go over best practices so when you create new content, you know exactly what is needed in order to get the most out of SEO.

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