We support multiple businesses and individuals each month with their open source and custom development needs.

After working with code and data day in and day out – we have seen a lot. We know what generally works and what does not. Not only do we do custom development, but we also do ongoing maintenance and support for all sorts of projects.

We offer our clients ongoing support and development for their custom solutions we have provided as well as support for third party solutions.

Custom Web Applications

We do a lot of support for older and custom content management systems and can help you either migrate them to something newer or simply help maintain what you have. We have experience with CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Kohana, PHP templating systems, and completely custom web applications built and or abandoned by other developers. All of our changes will be documented, versioned, and tested on a development server before pushed over to the live server.

WordPress Training/Support

Sometimes you just need some help or an explanation on why something is not working like you thought it would. We can help either by email, Skype, or by phone to go through how things work or should work. We can offer recommendations for hosting, plugins, themes as well.

Server/DNS/Host Support

We also offer support for clients who need help updating their DNS, resolving server issues, or being an intermediary between them and the host. We will make sure you fully understand the issue, the solution, and everything in between.

Contact Us for a free work estimate regarding your custom development needs.