While we enjoy working with existing web applications, we also know that there is still a need for custom web development for certain projects. Sandbox Development and Consulting Inc. has over ten years creating custom web development solutions for businesses and individuals. We have created custom web applications for individuals all the way up to enterprise level solutions for clients that support over a million users. Because of the numerous custom development we have done – we have also learned quite about along the way about project planning as well as optimization too and offer those services to clients as well.

Project Planning & Discovery

Over the years we have learned a thing or two about developing web solutions.We can help plan your your next web application, help write specification or functional requirement documents, or plan out an API if needed. We will make sure we also point out any concerns and offer advice from our past experience. Read more about our project planning and discovery solutions »

Web Applications

We love doing custom web development projects because each new project brings new insight and new challenges. Read more about our custom web application solutions »

Forum Solutions

We also offer forum development, customization, and support as well. We specialize in bbPress, vBulletin, and Simple Machines forum software. Read more about our custom forum solutions »

Browser Optimization

Each year – new browsers, new devices, and new screen sizes are introduced. Do you need help setting up web browser testing? We can help make sure your sites look and feel the same in multiple browsers by using clean code and without excessive hacks. Read more about our browser optimization solutions »

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