Dr. David Pennington

Go-Live Date: Mar 16, 2009 (Approximate)

Project Overview

Dr. David Pennington specializes in plastic & reconstructive surgery. This site highlights what he does and options he provides.

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

The client wanted to use an existing theme and then add new functionality and minor UI changes to it. The client also had several videos to embed into the sidebar area as well as the content area so I decided to use Flow Player for the video player which handles multiple formats very nicely.

Back End Description

There are a number of custom functions that I created for this site which easily allow the client to mange media and content all within the WordPress admin. The client wanted to be able to control the sidebar content within the actual edit page screen and not the sidebar template or the widgets admin so I created a custom interface for this which the client could then just plug in either text, a video URL, an image gallery, or HTML and have it show up appropriately and in order.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

It was really a great project to work on because the client knew exactly what they wanted. This also was a fun project to work on because giving someone control over exactly what they want, where they want it, and how they want it is what I enjoy most with any project.