Duma Tau

Go-Live Date: Dec 01, 2006 (Approximate)

Project Overview

Duma Tau offers senior level project management or can fill management positions on a short term basis.

Services Provided:

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

The user interface for this web site was designed by Duma Tau so that it would closely match their existing web site. From there existing table based layout, I produced the HTML and CSS for the WordPress theme. For the Duma Tau Newsletter, I created a layout that mirrors their existing paper distributed newsletter layout.

Back End Description

We implemented a few custom templates for the different page views.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

I have received multiple requests for a good newsletter based solution that would work well with WordPress, and I am very happy with the Newsletter plugin I used for this site. I have worked with the developer to add features to the plugin for Duma Tau and the developer has been very receptive. This project also led me to learn more about the rich text editors available for WordPress. I ended up running into issues with several, but again, the developers were very easy to get in touch with to work out the kinks. The lesson learned here, if something is not available do not be afraid to ask.

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