Go-Live Date: Aug 30, 2007 (Approximate)

Project Overview

Funeralwise offers information about funerals (customs, etiquette, etc).

Services Provided:

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

This client had a prior web site design and layout that was implemented in Cold Fusion. I took what they had, created the purple, blue, white color scheme and basic framework, and they did the rest (font colors, images, layout within the framework I created). I had very little input on this user interface as the client knew what they wanted when I took over this project.

Back End Description

Drupal is a very powerful and robust CMS and I really enjoyed working with it. The ability to turn over a site to someone who never had the ability to control as much as they can in a CMS is a great experience.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

Drupal is a powerful content management system.