Illinois School Psychologist Association

Go-Live Date: Dec 01, 2005 (Approximate)

Project Overview

The Illinois School Psychologist Association web site offers member only content, publications, and general information about their association.

Front End Description

This web site is for the Illinois School Psychologists Association (ISPA). I wanted to create a feature rich web site that was easy to navigate, and most importantly easy to maintain. This site uses SMARTY templates so I was able to edit a small number of templates that are used with all new pages – allowing ISPA to focus on content and note layout and design.

Back End Description

We created a few custom modules to handle membership directories, etc.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

This web site has 1,000 paid members so I used aMember Pro and Verisign PayFlow Link to power the user management system. I learned that a CMS is as great as the third party plugins and development environment is. Although it is nice to have a customer that has reoccurring support needs (file upload, change text, etc), I decided it was time to roll out a product that would give the power of content change to the users. For this web site, I trained the Executive Director on how to create, edit, delete online content, as well as how to create simple forms and reports using XOOPS.

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