Northern Illinois University

Go-Live Date: Apr 03, 2014 (Approximate)

Project Overview

Northern Illinois University's news web site that serves current students, staff, alumni, and the public with all things NIU.

Front End Description

This is based on a child theme with custom functionality we built for them when we worked with them back in 2011.

Back End Description

We migrated over most of the custom functionality from when we worked with them back in 2011. We also added some additional options for NIU to further control their content in this updated version of their site including new custom slideshow controls, featured areas, and custom post level options.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

When working with stock themes - it is always important to fully understand what has changed - even if you create a custom child theme. We saw an almost complete re-write of the theme which meant changes to custom fields, functions, and most everything else. Thankfully we had a child theme - and that helped a great deal.

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