Robin’s Miniature Furniture

Go-Live Date: Nov 12, 2008 (Approximate)

Project Overview

This site focuses on the hand made miniature furniture and dolls made by Robin. The artist uses this site to showcase her items for her potential customers.

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

The client wanted a custom design to show off the work she creates by hand. The design uses colors that do not take away from the items the client is presenting on her web site. The layout of the site is based on an upcoming theme I plan to release.

Back End Description

The client wanted to be able to change and manipulate just about everything on the site without having to change anything in the templates. I added some custom admin interfaces to control the different content areas, used WordPress functions to produce the menus, sidebar, and everything on the home page is dynamic. In order to “feature” he best items, I created a slideshow using jQuery and a custom WordPress query that shows five of her featured items. I also made it very easy to use thumbnails for each post so they would show up on the home page without any extra wo

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

This project really made me think about making custom themes easily editable by someone just using the admin. Stay tuned for a release of something similar in the future.