Sandbox Development and Consulting Inc

Go-Live Date: Jun 10, 2006 (Approximate)

Project Overview

This is the our web site that highlights our services, solutions, and blog.

Technologies Used:

Front End Description

This web site is for my web development and network support consulting company. I wanted to create a web site that was easy to navigate for future customers, so I made the navigation available at the top of the page. This web site illustrates my clean lines, minimalistic style, and another CSS driven layout.

Back End Description

We created custom templates used to show content differently depending on the page view.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

I learned quite a bit about WordPress as I built this web site. I am very excited to build complete web sites for my clients using the same technology. With WordPress, I am able to log in from any computer using any browser and edit any page or my CSS style sheet with ease. I also set up a “blog” to use for my “News” section which allows me to offer an RSS feed of my company’s news with little effort.