TIME Inc – Real Clear Politics

Go-Live Date: Oct 28, 2008 (Approximate)

Project Overview

TIME Inc's Real Clear Politics is a political blog.

Front End Description

I used the existing TIME Inc. Moveable Type templates for the site above and from those I created WordPress templates that would display everything so that the readers would not know there was any difference on the backend. I also tightened up the CSS to make sure load time would be reduced.

Back End Description

It was very important to the editors at TIME that every content area of this site could be easily modified at any time using the WordPress admin. Because of this, I worked with them to make sure they had control of each section by using as many of the WordPress functions, backend admin areas, and sidebar widgets as possible.

Lessons Learned/Random Thoughts

This was my second Moveable Type theme migration for them and it went very smoothly. (WordPress VIP hosting migrated the data).