Browser Optimization

We have been optimizing CSS/HTML/JS for individuals, startups and companies of all sizes for over ten years.

Does your site look great in one browser but horrible in another? Not sure how to get your site to look good on your desktop, tablet, phone, and other devices?

Gi Joe Was Right…Knowing is Half the Battle

Give us your supported browser list or analytical data and we can help create tests (automated or manual). Once we know what browsers you want to support – we will go through your site and list out any issues we see that may be easily fixed, not supported, or may be corrected by changing some of your existing code. We will always give recommendations before making any changes.

Code Validation

One of the best ways to ensure your site has optimized code is to make sure you have the most simple and clean code in place. We will also go through your code and make sure your code is valid XHTML and CSS code. By making sure the code is valid – it makes everything much more “future proof”, more simple, and easier to debug.

Browser Optimization Best Practices

We will also document best practices, go through and simplify any unnecessarily complicated code, and make sure everything follows the industry set best practices so that future developers will be able to easily modify and work with your code.

Multiple Viewpoints

We also look at not only desktop browsers, but at tablet, and phone device browsers as well to make sure you are supporting your web site users with their multiple devices.

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