Project Planning & Discovery

Sometimes you have a great idea but no idea how to implement it. We can help map out/document your functional specifications.

We can help with your project planning and discovery by asking questions, working with you to document functionality and requirements, and building specifications. After having over ten years experience building web solutions – we have seen projects fail and succeed – all because of initial planning. Let us help you plan your next project so when development begins – you will clear requirements and a roadmap for success.


Our rule of thumb: you can never ask too many questions. We will sit down with you (in person or via Skype) and go over your project requirements, ask questions pertaining to the project, help you think about issues and tasks you may have overlooked, make recommendations based on previous experiences, and then begin to flush out a project plan. With years of experience behind us, we will make sure that all pieces are in place and are possible.


We will work with you to document your project from start to finish so that whomever builds the application/site will have a solid understanding of the project and the project tasks. We can then also work with your development team if needed to act as a liaison between you and them. Simple task management, code versioning, quick chats, and weekly updates go a long way and we can help make sure you always know the state of your project at all time. We make ourselves available by email, phone, Skype, as well as in person if needed.

Contact Us for a free work estimate regarding your project planning and discovery needs.