Web Design & UI Consulting

We have always been a proponent of simple and elegant user interfaces for devices of all sizes. We can help with design and/or implementation.

It can be extremely frustrating to see/have to work with a poor user interface and we understand that. We focus on both the front end and backend of applications, making sure that no user is left using an ugly/unusable interface.

We know the front-end ultimately can make or break customer satisfaction and will make sure that we use industry standards while customizing them to makes sure your brand still prevails.

Custom Web Designs

Custom web designs help you stand out from your competition. We help clients get a custom look on the web by understanding what you need, who your audience is, what your competitors are doing, and what you want to represent your brand.

Our Web Design Process

When creating a new web design, we will work with you to ensure you are happy with every aspect of the design. Below is a general idea of how we work with our clients with a standard design package (finished product would be custom home page and custom internal page).

  • Discovery. We will talk to our client and figure out your design needs and priorities. This initial step will allow us to comprehend your business structure, as well as if you have any special needs (Ex. Section 508 compatibility). We will then ask you to provide us with a few links to web sites you think are easy to navigate and have good web design. Not everyone has the same design tastes, and we can appreciate this. By looking at the sites our clients send us, we can begin talking to you about what you like with specific examples.
  • Content. We will then work with our client to go over content areas (what content you want presented in our client’s header, footer, sidebar, on the home page, etc. Design integrity is important and making sure you have content to fit into an actual design is a must. We do not need all content at this point, but we do ask for some real content for the designer to use in the initial designs so our client can see what their content will look like within the design.
  • Review Cycles. Once the designer has completed the design – they will then present the design to you for your review highlighting each part of the design and their reasoning behind the layouts. After the design has been presented – we ask our clients to enter into the official revision cycles compromised of two major revisions and two minor revisions. Major revisions include major layout changes, complete color schemes, and the addition/subtraction of any major graphical pieces (featured content, slideshow). All revisions must be supplied to our design in a written format. Minor revisions include font changes, spacing changes, minor color changes.
  • Additional Views/Layouts. For some clients a home page and internal page design is all they need. If you want to have additional layouts – we are always happy to help with those as well.
  • End Product. We will then provide our client with a layered PSD (Photoshop file) of each custom layout. From there we can take the designs and implement them into WordPress themes, Drupal themes, or a custom web site.

We Specialize in WordPress Theme Designs

We have done a lot of custom web designs in the past for everything from small static sites to large scale custom frameworks. While we like projects of all types – we love creating custom WordPress theme designs (as seen in our portfolio: see our portfolio). If you are looking for a custom WordPress theme that really sets your site apart – we hope to hear from you!

Custom Logos

If you are looking for a custom logo – we will work with you to create something that truly represents you, your company and your brand. We have very talented designers to help with all your design needs – including creating custom logos. Our designers will work with you to understand your needs, learn about your company/brand, make recommendations, and then work with you until you are completely satisfied with your logo. When we create logos for you – you will be given your logo in .eps format for further usage/customization, and we will also provide you with a letterhead design featuring your logo as well.
Take a look at some of our past work in our portfolio to see some of our custom logos.

User Interface Consultation

We also provide general consultation for all your UI needs. We will go through your current application/site, document our recommendations and best practices, and then work with you to make sure the changes get implemented. We can help you and your business with User Interface (UI) design and general consultation. We have experience building successful web based interfaces, mobile interfaces and other application interfaces using industry standards. We will work with you to either create brand new user interfaces, improve existing interfaces, or even provide a third party review.

Interface Design

We can work with you to design user interfaces from scratch using the proven methods and technologies. We pride ourselves in working closely with users to create easy to learn user interfaces. After gathering feedback and ideas – we will create wireframes, document industry standards, review everything with you, then produce mockups for you to either have your developers use – or have us do further development.

Interface Consulting

We can also work with you to improve existing user interfaces that your web sites or applications already use. We will talk to you, listen to your needs and concerns then review your interfaces, work with your users or user feedback, create a report and discuss our findings and recommendations. We have experienced really horrible interfaces as well as really elegant interfaces and can help make sure your application or web site make your users happy and not frustrated.

Contact Us for a free work estimate regarding your custom development needs.