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SDAC Related Content

The Basics

The SDAC Related Content plugin uses caching to output the highly configurable results after your content. This plugin came out of necessity as a number of our clients needed a plugin to display recent posts without making any changes to the WordPress database and that had some sort of caching.

We also wanted to give users the ability to easily customize and automatically add related posts to their content without the hassle of adding code to their template files if they were not comfortable working with code.


  • Automatically Add to Posts
  • Number of Related Items to Show
  • Time to Cache Items
  • Link Relationship (Rel)
  • Related Posts Title
  • Text to Display if There Are No Matches
  • Code Before Items
  • Code After Items
  • Code Before Link
  • Code After Link
  • Code Before Linked Title (within the link)
  • Code After Linked Title (within the link)
  • Type of Related Content to Display:
  • Order Related Content By
  • Order Related Content
  • Echo Items