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SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Post Slideshows 1.0.1

We updated the plugin this morning with some minor updates including changing the divs to use all classes and not IDs so the code will be valid XHTML if you have more than one slideshow on a page (archive view, etc). We also added some code to take care of any HTML entities issues that might arise with the slide excerpt.

You can download your copy of this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sdac-post-slideshows/


Be Smart: Update/Backup WordPress

Over the last two weeks we have been busy fixing a lot of issues for people that could have been avoided all together if two simple tasks were done:

  1. Backup your WordPress data
  2. Keep WordPress up to date

Luckily for most people – both of these tasks are simple and even automated. First of all – make sure you always have a recent backup of your WordPress database. There is a great plugin available (free) that will actually automate the process and even email you a copy of the database every x days, x weeks, etc. If you have one plugin installed with your WordPress site – install AND use WP-DB-Backup.

If you have a lot of media on your local server – make it a point to back that up every x days (whatever you can live with if something were to happen).

As for keeping WordPress up to date – it has never been more simple. When there is a new version of WordPress available – you will be notified when you log into your site. Simply click on the link to either download the latest version or to update WordPress right then and there. You cannot imagine how much time, effort, stress, and money simply updating WordPress can save you in the long run.

Lucidity and Lucidity Catalog Updated to 1.1

Our commercial WordPress themes Lucidity (see demo), and Lucidity Catalog (see demo) have been updated to version 1.1. This update includes more customizations and easier admin options.

You can now easily change the font without touching any CSS at all by simply selecting one of eight pre-defined options in the admin.

Select Your Font
Select Your Font

You can also now easily select your site colors using a color picker. Simply point and click your way to new site colors!

Select Your Colors

We have also added more social networking site options so you can show off more of your sites (Technorati, LinkedIn, YouTube, and StumbleUpon)

You can purchase Lucidity for $50.00 or Lucidity Catalog for $75.00.

WordPress 2.6.5 is Released

WordPress 2.6.5 has officially been released (version 2.6.4 was skipped). The update contains a critical security fix (XSS exploit) as well as a few bug fixes. For more information on WordPress version 2.6.5, read the official WordPress version 2.6.5 documentation.
Download the latest versions of WordPress: WordPress 2.6.5

XOOPS Login Issue: 2.0.17 and 2.0.18

After updating XOOPS to 2.0.17 a few months back, I ran into a problem with certain users not able to see group specific blocks after updating. The users would authenticate, but then not see any content that was “member only”. I was hopeful this would have been resolved with 2.0.18 but it still remains an issue. The problem:

The solution:
In your XOOPS directory: /kernel/session.php

var $enableRegenerateId = true;
var $enableRegenerateId = false;

(Original fix documentation for 2.0.17: http://www.xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=62411&forum=2&post_id=281576

Upgrade Google Analytic Tracker Code

If you use Google Analytics on your web site, you should update your tracker code that is placed in your code. The new tracker is faster, and offers added tracking functionality (See Google’s announcement)

New Code: (put your tracker ID in where you see the X’s)

var pageTracker=_gat._getTracker('UA-XXXXXX-X');

While you are updating your code, you might also want to consider moving this and any other javascript to the bottom of your web site for improved performance.