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As Seen on TechCrunch

We do a lot of things with WordPress on a daily basis. We develop plugins, themes, support existing WordPress sites, and also help site owners after their out of date WordPress site was hacked. Recently – we helped the COO of TechCrunch with a site that took malware to a new level:

Just as a reminder – if you use WordPress, make sure you stay on top of your WordPress updates (WordPress, plugins, and themes). As mentioned in the article – there are ways you can automate security updates if that is something that interests you as well. If not – always have a good backup process in place, and make sure you update after any security issues are found within the plugins, themes, and version of WordPress you use.

Finally, if you do get hacked, we are here to help. Simply contact us and we can get your site up and running smoothly again as soon as possible.

2015 Winter Holiday Hours

We hope everyone takes some time and enjoys the upcoming holidays with friends and families.

Our office will be closed on December 24th (Thursday), December 25th (Friday), after 12PM on December 31st (Thursday), and all of January 1st (Friday).

We will be back with full availability on January 4th.

We look forward to working with you in 2016 and wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday.

WP Engine Spring Hosting Sale

We here and SDAC Inc have been using WP Engine for over two years and have enjoyed unparalleled support and satisfaction. Before referring one client to WP Engine, we tested them with our business and personal sites for over a year. After we were completely comfortable with the service/support we began referring our clients to WPEngine and our clients have also been very happy with them.

If you are unhappy with your current host or looking to start a new WordPress site and need a great host?

For a limited time only – WP Engine is running a special on their hosting: 33% Off the first 2 Months of a monthly Personal, Professional, or Business plan.


We Can Help You Create Mobile Friendly Sites

Are you ready for April 21?

Big changes are coming in the next few weeks with Google’s search results. Starting April 21 Google will be taking mobile friendliness into consideration when showing search results.

With only a few weeks left – consider taking a look at Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. If you need help creating a mobile friendly site – let us know. We have been working non-stop for the last several weeks creating mobile and responsive sites which are ready for the big change. We are happy to go over options with you and help you for the big change.

More information from Google: Finding more mobile-friendly search results.

We Are Hiring

We are currently looking to hire a full time PHP developer to work on a number of projects (WordPress and custom frameworks).

We are looking for someone with the following:

  • Great communication skills (this is a remote position)
  • Mid-senior level PHP developer (with code samples to prove it)
  • Love for all things WordPress
  • Focus on creating beautiful code (clean, simple, and well commented/tested)
  • Familiarization with unit testing, continuous integration
  • Availability during business hours
  • Ability to work with other remote developers

If you have the following skills and are looking for a new challenge – contact us. We have a number of great projects going on and look forward to adding another talented developer into the loop!

2014 Holiday Hours

We hope everyone takes some time and enjoys the upcoming holidays with friends and families.

Our office will be closed after 12PM on December 24th (Wednesday), all of December 25th (Thursday), after 12PM on December 31st (Wednesday), and all of January 1st (Thursday).

We will have limited availability on December 26th (Friday) and January 2nd (Friday) but will be back with full availability on January 5th.

We look forward to working with you in 2015 and wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday.

SDAC Inc. Web Site Update

As a web development company – we are always busy working on other client web sites and we have been so busy – we overlooked our own site for the last two years.

Over the last two years I have had every intention on updating our own web site to use Bootstrap as well as some newer WordPress functionality but always seemed too busy with other projects. A lot has changed with browsers, devices, and WordPress since our last update – and enough was enough. Over the last few weeks – I blocked out some time each day so we would finally have the responsive theme that was long overdue.

We had developed a few sites using Bootstrap and it was time we put what we had learned and have grown to love in place on our own web site. We still have some bugs to squash, but overall, are happy we finally have moved to have a responsive theme.

Furthermore – we will begin re-looking at our commercial themes that need an update as well. The updates will make our commercial themes responsive and ready for all your devices. Expect to hear more about our Lucidity themes soon!

We hope you find it easier to view on all your devices.

Eight Years Ago…

Eight years ago we started this company and took on our first client. WordPress was version 1.x. We liked and used XOOPS, and we still did the occasional static web site.

Over the past eight years we have worked with some great clients, learned a lot, and have made some great friends. Thanks to everyone who has worked with us over the year.

Interestingly enough – we are working with our first client now – eight years later on a new project this week.

We look forward to working with you for the next eight years…and the next eight years after that!

WordPress Host Migration > WP Engine

A few years ago one of my colleagues got me in touch with one of the founders of a new and upcoming WordPress hosting companies: WP Engine. The service was still pretty new and after an impressive conversation with them – I found myself recommending clients to using them as a host.

Recently, while at WordCamp Chicago, I signed up for an account and decided to give them a try myself. Today – I migrated all the content, data, and finally the DNS. Everything went smoothly (minus a DNS prorogation issue which is no fault of WP Engine). WP Engine’s documentation is great, they have a staging environment, their tools are easy to use, and they allow you to take snapshots of your site so you have a backup whenever you need it.

If you are looking for a solid WordPress host – you should definitely check them out!

HOWTO: Show Page Template Name

A cool function to simply display the path of the WordPress template used on a particular page:

<?php echo get_page_template() ?>

How/when to use this?
If you are trying to debug a site and want to quickly see what page template is used – you can put that PHP code into footer.php and it will then echo out the path so you can quickly and easily see what template is being used.