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SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Related Content 2.3.1

We just released a new version of our WordPress Related Content plugin. This update is very minor (adds in a div that surrounds all the output) but it will significantly make styling your related results easier.

After you update your plugin – you can control the output by adding something like this to your stylesheet:

#sdac_related_posts h4 {border-bottom:1px dashed #c7c7bb;margin:15px 0 5px 0;padding-bottom:5px;}
#sdac_related_posts ul {margin:10px 0 10px 20px;}
#sdac_related_posts ul li {margin:0 0 3px 0;}

* The code above is what styles the related posts on this site.

SDAC Theme: Lucidity Catalog 2.1 Is Available

Lucidity Catalog Theme
Our commercial theme – Lucidity Catalog is now available. This release is a complete re-write and takes advantage of a number of WordPress 2.9+ features. Creating a catalog of items (music, art, etc) into a catalog just got easier.

All catalog items are completely separate from your posts and pages. There are also custom widgets that help display your catalog items in hierarchal list (by item type), a tag cloud, and a custom catalog only search. If you are looking to offer a quick to set up and maintain catalog – check out Lucidity Catalog.

Changes Include:

  • Lucidity Catalog is now a child theme of Lucidity.
  • Catalog uses custom post types, custom taxonomies, featured images, and custom fields.
  • The admin panel has been completely re-vamped and simplified all while giving users more custom options to further customize their catalogs.

SDAC Theme: Lucidity 2.1 Is Available

Lucidity Theme
Our commercial theme – Lucidity just got updated and Lucidity 2.1 is now available for purchase/download.

In preparation for the release of two other Lucidity based themes (updated Lucidity Catalog and soon to debut Lucidity Mobile) we decided to make a few updates to the core framework to make sure we had everything simplified, in place and lined up.

Stay tuned in the next week for the release of the other two Lucidity based themes – as they are both in testing mode now.

Changes include:

  1. Simplifying the theme admin options (front and backend) and moving the theme options under Appearance (where it should go).
  2. We added in localization so the theme can be easily translated into other languages
  3. Moved to using the comment_form() function
  4. Made some minor layout changes
  5. Made sure it passed the Theme review standards (using Theme Check

SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Post Slideshows 1.1.1

We just released the latest version of SDAC Post Slideshows (1.1.1). This update addresses a UI fix as well as renames the button from “post-slideshow” to “slideshow”.

Download the latest version of SDAC Post Slideshow from

SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Translate 1.2.3

Until now – if you wanted to use this plugin on your site – the starting language defaulted to English. With version 1.2.3 of SDAC Translate – you can now define your starting language.

Set "Translate From" Language

Download SDAC Translate now from the WordPress plugin repository!

As always – thanks for the feedback/feature requests!