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As Seen on TechCrunch

We do a lot of things with WordPress on a daily basis. We develop plugins, themes, support existing WordPress sites, and also help site owners after their out of date WordPress site was hacked. Recently – we helped the COO of TechCrunch with a site that took malware to a new level:

Just as a reminder – if you use WordPress, make sure you stay on top of your WordPress updates (WordPress, plugins, and themes). As mentioned in the article – there are ways you can automate security updates if that is something that interests you as well. If not – always have a good backup process in place, and make sure you update after any security issues are found within the plugins, themes, and version of WordPress you use.

Finally, if you do get hacked, we are here to help. Simply contact us and we can get your site up and running smoothly again as soon as possible.