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bbPress as a Plugin

After completing a site refresh (updated theme, use of custom post type for our portfolio/products), I also decided to migrate from the standalone version of bbPress to the new bbPress plugin. Everything went smoothly and I plan to spend some time customizing the layouts after I read more about best practices. All our forums got imported and are still available at: Watch for some upcoming posts on how to customize this new version of bbPress.

SDAC Forums Are Open

Over the past few years – we have been creating custom bbPress solutions for our clients and have been loving every minute of it. Since we wanted to showcase what is possible with bbPress (custom themes, bbPress/WordPress integration), as well as offer a support forum for our plugins and soon to be themes – we decided to put up a bbPress forum.

If you are a registered user for this site – you can use your login/password for the forums as well.

bbPress and WordPress Integration

Here is a quick guide if you are looking to integrate WordPress and bbPress so that your WordPress users can log into bbPress and your bbPress users can log into WordPress.

  1. Download/install/configure WordPress. You will need to upload the WordPress files to your web site directory and create a WordPress database. The installation process for WordPress is painless.
  2. Download/install/configure bbPress. For the easiest and painless experience, upload the bbPress files into the same directory your WordPress files are in (most likely your web root folder).
  3. Do not create a bbPress database, rather define use your WordPress database settings in the bbPress config.php file. At the bottom of the config.php file for bbPress there are preferences that you will need to set so that bbPress knows to share cookies and authentication. This is documented in the config.php file so just follow directions.

That is it. Once you have both bbPress and WordPress set up and configured, your users can then enjoy having accounts to log into both systems using the same user name and password.

bbPress Templates and Customization

Since we like to develop custom WordPress solutions, we are proud to now offer custom bbPress solutions and templates. bbPress is a light weight and fast forum solution from the makers of WordPress.


  • Fast and light
  • Simple interface
  • Customizable templates
  • Highly extensible
  • Spam protection
  • RSS Feeds
  • Easy integration with your WordPress web site

If you need a custom install of bbPress, contact us for a free quote.