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SDAC Inc. Web Site Update

As a web development company – we are always busy working on other client web sites and we have been so busy – we overlooked our own site for the last two years.

sdac-2014Over the last two years I have had every intention on updating our own web site to use Bootstrap as well as some newer WordPress functionality but always seemed too busy with other projects. A lot has changed with browsers, devices, and WordPress since our last update – and enough was enough. Over the last few weeks – I blocked out some time each day so we would finally have the responsive theme that was long overdue.

We had developed a few sites using Bootstrap and it was time we put what we had learned and have grown to love in place on our own web site. We still have some bugs to squash, but overall, are happy we finally have moved to have a responsive theme.

Furthermore – we will begin re-looking at our commercial themes that need an update as well. The updates will make our commercial themes responsive and ready for all your devices. Expect to hear more about our Lucidity themes soon!

We hope you find it easier to view on all your devices.