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WordPress Import/Export Option

Not too long ago whenever I had to move clients from one server to another, I would make a backup of the files and the database and then use SSH or FTP to move the files and then import the SQL file into MySQL. Over the past few months – I have switched to using the Import/Export option(Manage > Import/Export) to move simple sites. If you are moving your site to/from or from another server, take a look at the Import/Export option in WordPress to easily move all your data and attachments.

The Import/Export Process

You first need to log into your current WordPress installation and export your existing site data so you can import it on your new host. To do this, go to the WordPress Admin > Manage > Export. WordPress will create an XML file that you will then use to import. This is a really quick and easy way to move from one host to another if you are not comfortable with MySQL or phpMyAdmin (or any other database tool).

Import all your data (Import posts, comments, custom fields, pages, and categories from a WordPress export file) into your new WordPress installation. You can even import all your attachments which makes this even easier to migrate from one host to another.

You will also need to move your plugins, theme files, and any other files you might have – but this is a really easy way for most to move their data from one site to another – and it works great!