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Lucidity WordPress Theme

Lucidity Theme
Lucidity Theme
Lucidity is an easy to use, intuitive WordPress theme that is highly customizable by any level of user. Lucidity is perfect for people that are looking for a minimal clean lines layout with minimal code for fast page loads all while having the ability to control content and layout using the admin. This theme also supports threaded comments and sidebar widgets by default.

Take Control!

After building over one hundred custom WordPress themes – we decided to put together something that the majority of our clients wanted: the ability to control basic settings like colors, fonts, adding external code, etc to their site without having to touch the templates, know CSS, or mess with the .htaccess file.

Changing The Appearance is Fun!

We all love options. With Lucidity – you can easily change the look and feel of your site by selecting one of the several options available in the admin.

Simply select the font you want to use on your site in the drop down menu, save the selection, and reload your site to see the changes.


Choose Your Font
Now you can customize your site – with your own preferences without having to know CSS or pay a designer to change it for you.


Changing colors is something that most people love to do, but get frustrated with CSS. With the easy to use point and click color picker – simply point to the color you want, save the option and your web site will use the newly selected color.

Control Appearance

Say goodbye to editing the CSS file and looking up the color codes for the colors you want to use.

Feedburner Is Easy

If you use Feedburner – you can copy and paste your custom Feedburner URL into the Feedburner field and all your readers who want to subscribe to your RSS feed will be directed to your Feedburner URL.

Add Feedburner Code

No more need to edit your .htaccess file, add a plugin, or do anything more than a simple copy and paste.

Follow Me With My Social Network Links

If you are like most people – you want to share your social networking site links like your LinkedIn Profile, your Facebook page, and your Twitter feed. With Lucidity – you can easily do so by copying and pasting your social networking sites into the admin.

Add Your Links/Icons

Show all your sites easily in the header of your site without having to upload images, edit template files, or add in any other special code.

Stats Please

Companies like Google and Quantcast make it easy to track your web site’s stats. Simply copy and paste the code they give you into the admin and it will be automatically be added to each page, post, attachment, etc page in your site.

Add Analytic Code

No plugins or messing with templates required.


Support is available at the SDAC Inc. Forums


You can demo this theme:


This theme is available for purchase: Buy Theme ($50.00)

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