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Now that so many of us use WordPress to manage content on our personal and business web sites – the thought of losing any of our content, data, or customizations can be quite scary (especially if you do not have a tested backup plan in place).

Welcome VaultPress. VaultPress is a new service from Automattic that gives blog and business owners alike peace of mind with their WordPress sites. After installing the plugin (currently in beta) – your data, content, themes, plugins, etc will be “safeguarded”. This means if something happens (server failure, database corruption, happy deleter, etc) you can use VaultPress to restore what you lost. In addition, VaultPress also monitors your WordPress site and will even store updates so you are always on top of the latest bug and security fixes.

This new service is quite exciting as we often get calls from clients who either lost data, accidentally deleted files, or have an out of date version of WordPress which was hacked. Having a service like VaultPress to recommend to clients and friends makes WordPress all the better solution when it comes to managing your online content.

Great work!