WordPress Update: WordPress 4.3 Available

WordPress 4.3 is now available for download.

For WordPress Users

This update includes a number of improvements in the admin area (menu customizer, formatting shortcuts, site icons), automatically generated secure passwords for new users, comments turned off by default for pages, and other great changes which will make working with WordPress on all your devices easier and more enjoyable.

For WordPress Developers

There are some noticeable changes with this new version as well including a new page template (singular.php), multisite changes, list table changes, and other customizer enhancements.

You can read more about the update: http://wordpress.org/wordpress-4.3.zip

About the Author...

Jennifer Zelazny

I am a Penn State alumni, avid golfer, kick boxer, volunteer, and Chicagoland WordPress developer who always enjoys a refreshing Coca-Cola.