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WordPress 4.4 Update Now Available

WordPress 4.4 makes your site more connected and responsive.

Say hello to the latest WordPress release: WordPress 4.4! This is a great release for both developers and users for many reasons. Front end users get a new theme to choose/use “Twenty Sixteen” which is simple and looks great on all devices. WordPress 4.4 also introduces a new way to display images so they will look great on all devices, and an an exciting embed option so you can now embed posts from WordPress sites into your site easily.

Developers also benefit a lot from WordPress 4.4 thanks to adding in REST API infrastructure to WordPress core, term meta (yay!), as well as improved performance with WP_Comment_Query().

If you have not done so already – download the update or simply use your existing installation of WordPress to update your site. Either way – this is an excellent time to make a backup copy of your site(s) before upgrading.

Enjoy and thanks to all the contributors for making this a great release!