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WordPress 5.4 Available

If you are not using the block editor – it is time to finally check it out.

A lot of people have been resisting the block editor – but it is clear the only place it is going is forward. WordPress 5.4 offers improved editor speed as well as introduces a number of nice block additions including making it easier to share media and add in social icons and buttons.

The latest version also offers additional reporting functionality of the privacy personal export to make any data erasure requests much easier and complete. Last but not least – we now have the ability to add custom fields to menu items (something I have wanted for years) which will make custom navigation much easier and streamlined for developers.

You can read more by looking at the release notes:

You can also see a complete list of changes:

If you have not done so already – download the update or simply use your existing installation of WordPress to update your site. Either way – this is an excellent time to make a backup copy of your site(s) before upgrading.