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SDAC Forums Are Open

Over the past few years – we have been creating custom bbPress solutions for our clients and have been loving every minute of it. Since we wanted to showcase what is possible with bbPress (custom themes, bbPress/WordPress integration), as well as offer a support forum for our plugins and soon to be themes – we decided to put up a bbPress forum.

If you are a registered user for this site – you can use your login/password for the forums as well.

SDAC Inc. Is Hiring

Over the past few months we have been growing and adding more and more new clients into our portfolio and need some additional help with our ongoing and new web development projects. We are looking for someone who is is responsible, speaks english, is in the US (Chicagoland preferred):

  • excited about WordPress
  • has created WordPress themes
  • has developed WordPress plugins
  • loves the power and simplicity of jQuery
  • uses subversion
  • is available for 5-10 hours a week initially (more if it works out)
  • has a portfolio to back up the items in this list
  • If you are interested in working with us, please send an email to with your location, your availability, and a link to your portfolio.

SDAC Inc Web Site Has New Look

SDAC 2008 Site
After a busy summer – I decided to take a few days to clean up and redesign the SDAC Inc. web site. For the design, I wanted something clean and modern and something that would take full advantage of WordPress’s underpinnings (menus, content area, etc). For the templates, I ended up redoing most of them from scratch in order to simplify everything and make use of more WordPress functions and less third party plugins, created new images, cleaned out the CSS in order to only use what I needed, and made everything as dynamic as possible. On the backend of things, I spent some time cleaning out old database tables and other plugin left overs in order to rid the site of any unused data. I have big plans for the rest of 2008 and 2009 so stay tuned…this is just the beginning.