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Using Shopify for Your Online Store

We are just about ready to wrap up an online store for a client using Shopify. We have used a lot of online shopping carts over the past several years – and I have to say from a developer’s point of view – Shopify has been great to work with.

  • Documentation. Documentation can often make or break solutions – and Shopify has great tutorials, examples, and general documentation.
  • Custom theming. Creating a custom theme for the store has been an enjoyable experience (something I cannot say too often with other solutions we have worked with in the past).
  • User Interface. The user interface of their admin is also top notch. Editing themes, looking at revisions, adding new products all make sense, look great, and are enjoyable.
  • Flexibility. Shopify is very flexible as well. Last week we had a call with our designer and she asked about limitations for design elements and I was very comfortable telling her I did not foresee any.

Overall – I would have no problem recommending Shopify for anyone who was interested in starting a store online. If you are interested – check out their 14 day free trial. If you need help setting up and/or customizing your store – contact us.