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More Fun with WordPress Screen Options

Unlock the power of screen options
After taking a look at “Screen Options” on the WordPress menus page (Appearance > Menus) – I decided to spend some time going through the different “Screen Options” on each admin page view and would highly recommend you doing the same. This very useful tab allows you to:

  • Choose what you see on the dashboard (and how it is displayed)
  • Show/hide fields on the edit post page
  • Choose the number of posts/pages/categories/tags/plugins/users you see in those listings (great if you want to show more than the default number)
  • Show/hide columns in the posts/pages/categories/tags/plugins/users listings
  • Enable/disable accessibility mode (Appearance > Widgets)
  • Show/hide different options in WordPress menus (like mentioned in the previous post)

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the backend of WordPress – do yourself a favor and get familiar with these options as you will at some point find something useful about those options.