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SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Related Content 2.3

After an overly busy few months – I finally had some time to update the SDAC Related Content plugin to clean up the code, redo the admin, and simplify wherever possible.

If you are looking for a related posts or related content plugin that uses cacheing and does not create any new tables in your WordPress database – look no further. Download your copy today: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sdac-related-content/

SDAC WP Plugin Release: SDAC Related Content

I am pleased to announce our first official WordPress plugin release: SDAC Related Content. This plugin was something I created as I had a need to have a related posts plugin for some VIP clients. The plugin had to not modify any DB tables and it had to use caching.

Version 1 of the plugin was a development version that I used for a few clients. Version 2 added an admin panel under Settings in the WordPress admin. This admin panel allows all kinds of customization.