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WordPress Update: WordPress 3.4.2 is Available

WordPress 3.4.2 is now available for download. This update contains several bug fixes as well as some security updates. It is recommended you updated your version of WordPress to 3.4.2 as soon as possible.

“The vulnerabilities included potential privilege escalation and a bug that affects multisite installs with untrusted users. These issues were discovered and fixed by the WordPress security team.”

For a full list of all issues addressed in this update, please look at the 3.4.2 documentation.

Download WordPress 3.4.2

WordPress Update: WordPress 3.4 is Available

If you have not already updated your site already – check out the latest and greatest version of WordPress: WordPress 3.4. You can see there are a number of changes and some new functionality in place with this latest release.

If you are a developer – you will see a lot of great little additions like the introduction of term_is_ancestor_of(), WP_User::exists(), get_header_image_data(), and more (see the link above). If you are a user – you will also benefit from this release as well with the new theme options, better performance, and embed support to include tweets.

Download WordPress 3.4: http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.4.zip