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SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Post Slideshows 1.0.2

We updated the plugin this afternoon with updates including updating jQuery Cycle to the latest version, fixing an undefined index warning, and adding in the ability to have the slideshows available on pages as well as posts (per request), as well as a few other minor changes.

You can download your copy of this plugin:

Enjoy and let us know what other features/enhancements you would like to see with this plugin.

Lucidity 2.0 WordPress Theme Released

We rebuilt this theme from the ground up while keeping the same goals in mind that we had for Lucidity’s original release: ease of use, customizable, and fun. We added in a ton of new features, cleaned up the admin, and give you much more customization options.


This new version is full of features to make your site customizable.

  • Use WordPress menus for your header navigation (drop down menus are also available by default)
  • Show/Hide Search in the navigation bar
  • Manage Ads (ROS/Home) for the leaderboard and two sidebar ads (widgets)
  • Define custom meta tags for easy site verification (without touching the theme code)
  • Choose your site colors/font
  • Show your social network links so your visitors can stay connected
  • Auto re-direct your feeds to your Feedburner account
  • Easily add in your Analytic code (Google/Quantcast) (without touching the theme code)



Lucidity 2.0 requires WordPress 3.0+


See Lucidity in action at:


The theme also supports threaded comments and sidebar widgets by default. Lucidity is a great theme for all levels of users and will continually be developed to add more features and additional functionality.


Support is available at the SDAC Inc. Forums.


SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Post Slideshows 1.0.1

We updated the plugin this morning with some minor updates including changing the divs to use all classes and not IDs so the code will be valid XHTML if you have more than one slideshow on a page (archive view, etc). We also added some code to take care of any HTML entities issues that might arise with the slide excerpt.

You can download your copy of this plugin:


SDAC Plugin: SDAC Post Slideshows

We are happy to announce our latest plugin: SDAC Post Thumbnails. This plugin allows you to easily add in slideshows (text and/or images) by populating a few fields when creating a new post.


Free support for this plugin is available at the SDAC Inc Forums. Feel free to give us some feedback – we are always looking to improve our plugins as well as to add in additional functionality.

Behind the scenes:

  • This plugin uses jQuery Cycle.
  • You can custom size your slideshow to fit your layout without changing any CSS files.
  • You can add the slideshow easily into any post by using the “post-slideshow” button in your editor toolbar (HTML).
  • You can add in as many or as few slides as you want.


Download Plugin (from Plugin Directory)

SDAC Plugin Update: SDAC Related Content 2.3

After an overly busy few months – I finally had some time to update the SDAC Related Content plugin to clean up the code, redo the admin, and simplify wherever possible.

If you are looking for a related posts or related content plugin that uses cacheing and does not create any new tables in your WordPress database – look no further. Download your copy today:

SDAC Plugin: SDAC Translate

We are happy to introduce a lightweight translation plugin/widget that allows you to offer site translation using Google Translate.

Our goal was to make something completely customizable, efficient. and lightweight using:

  • Completely customizable admin which allows you to choose what languages to display as well as how you want them displayed (language name vs. flag, vs. both).
  • CSS sprites so that all flags are loaded in using one image (saving overhead)
  • Widget output caching (saving queries)
  • No new database tables



Download Plugin (from Plugin Directory)